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Q. What if the timer runs out before the competition is full?

If the competition is not full, Blaa’s timer will add extra time to the competition countdown, this will occur a maximum of 3 times. In the event the competition has still not sold out, a cash alternative of 70% of the value of the prize shall be awarded to the winner. Rest assured though, all our competitions to date have sold out! We plan and schedule our competitions in order to mitigate the likelihood of a competition ever having to be extended.

Q. Is the winner selected at random?

Yes, the winner for each competition is selected completely at random on our live draws using Google’s Random Number Generator. Nothing can have any influence on the outcome of our live draw.

Q. If I win, how will I receive my prize?

Depending on your location, your prize will be hand delivered by one of our team or by registered post / courier delivery. You will receive your prize within 7 working days from the date on which the winner was announced.

Q. What are the terms and conditions

You can find our terms and conditions here.

Q. What are Blaa Points?

Blaa points are our loyalty point system. For each €1 spent on our website you will receive 1 Blaa point. These can be used at checkout to obtain discounts on ANY of our listed competitions, even enter entirely free of cost if you’ve saved enough. When spending Blaa Points each point is worth 4cent  i.e  10 points = 40cent, 125 points = €5 and so on.

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